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“Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” -Buddha

At Positive Bubble Mindful Meditation, we teach a school-agnostic form of mindfulness and mediation. We are not wedded to any particular approach – Been trained in MBSR, Zen, Buddhist and Vipassana styles of meditation, to name just a few, we adapt these approaches to the needs of our students.

Our aim is to help make you a better version of yourself, to be more confident and comfortable in your own skin, to feel centered and grounded, and to draw on internal resources that will propel you in any direction that you choose.

Mindful Meditation is about developing awareness and clarity of mind. When you have clarity you’re in a better position to make choices. And that’s why meditation is so empowering. Meditation is empowering precisely because it fosters our ability to choose how we act.

“…meditation is essentially training our attention so that we can be more aware – not only of our own inner workings but also of what’s happening around us in the here and now. Once we see clearly what’s going on in the moment, we can then choose whether and how to act on what we are seeing” – Sharon Salzberg’s

Mediation also makes you happier. How?

The world is chaotic and stressful. Our lives are busy and demanding and we are constantly pulled in different directions. There’s never enough time.

Our inner world is no less chaotic as we try to navigate through our life– planning, thinking, judging, reacting, counter reacting, catastrophizing, assuming the worst, fearing illusions and ghosts of the mind.

All these mental demands are energy-sapping and throw us off-kilter. They also wreak havoc on our bodies with stresses and tensions and even diseases. We lose balance, harmony, equanimity and inner peace.

Mindful meditation teaches you to recognize the patterns of your mind and trains you how liberate yourself from distracting preoccupations so you can observe things that are happening in a clear, unhurried less reactive way.

This brings a calmness, clarity and stability to your mind, which in turn brings balance, peace and serenity. You are a more positive, energetic and happier person as a result. It’s not a panacea, and it’s not woo hoo or magic or in any way religious. It’s simply training the mind, cultivating awareness and developing qualities you already possess but perhaps don’t yet know how to access or deploy to your advantage.

But that’s what we teach you: How to do just that.  And you will be amazed at the transformation you undergo.

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