Our Story

Ever notice how some people just seem to feel so comfortable in their own skin? They seem to glide through the world with ease. It’s not that they don’t have issues and difficult situations. We all do. It’s more they seem to handle them better. With more calm, equanimity and positivity.

We began thinking if you could bottle that, a lot of people would find it very helpful. So we did. And the result is Positive Bubble.

We called it Positive Bubble because these people seem to carry around with them a sort of Positive Bubble – a self-belief, and an attitude or approach to life that made life well, more enjoyable – whatever the situation, they seemed to be happier.

And isn’t happiness an ultimate goal of life? So what is this “secret” to happiness?

Turns out it’s not really much of a secret. And the answer as been around for years; thousands of years as it happens. It’s about gaining control of your mind and your body.

This is the first fundamental step into creating your own positive bubble. Through gaining control of your mind and your body you develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-belief. You become more confident in who you are and what you can do. Full of energy and positivism you’re ready to take on the world.

Everything we do at Positive Bubble is about giving you more control over your mind and your body – through Pilates, Mindful Meditation, Life Coaching and Personal Branding.

What We Offer

Pilates Image


Positive movement experiences to build muscle and body awareness to enable you to carry out your day to day activities pain-free.    

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Mindful Meditation

A practice that teaches you to recognize the patterns of your mind and trains you how liberate yourself from distracting preoccupations so you can observe things that are happening in a clear, unhurried and less reactive way.

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Life Coaching

Coaching techniques to discover where you want to be, empower you to take responsibility and action, and uncover the road blocks that are stopping you from moving forward from where you are to where you want to be.

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Personal Branding

A series of exercises and techniques that covers things such as identifying your values, your competencies, your personality, what you stand for or would fight for, what makes you different and so much more.


5 Week Course: Introduction to Mindful Meditation